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Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-09-10 02:43:45 (UTC)

More Babble on an Odd Array of Topics

Saw "The Others" today. Very good. Spooky plot twist
at the end. I never thought, not for a moment, that they
were really ghosts. I knew the servants had something to
do with it, but I thought they were diabolical, not
benevolent. If I've spoiled anyone's surprise, sorry.
I've never seen "The Sixth Sense", though, so don't go
sending me any sadistic messages with the plot of it. All
I know about that movie is that that little boy sees dead

Speaking of that movie, Bennie has a shirt that
reads, "I See Dumb People". Funny, but not as cool as
my "Made in the 80s" or my "How Many Licks Does it Take"
shirt with the Tootsie Roll Pop owl. Heh, I have a *thing*
for cool t-shirts. I'm going to start making my own with
iron on transfer papers and my shitty printer. It's not so
good with pictures, so I'm going to put quotes from songs
and movies on them. Ideas I have so far:
1.)Don't Dream it, Be it.
2.)Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner
3.)The lyrics of "Stairway to Heaven"
4.)I'm Rockin' Like Dokken (okay, so that's TV)
5.)You have six fingers on your right hand.
Someone is looking for you.
6.)Snoochie Boochies!
7.)Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?
9.)Your Mother was a hamster, and your Father
smelt of elderberries!
10.)Bring Out Your Dead!
11.)All I can say is that my life is pretty plain.

I have lots of others in my head. I can't wait to
make my custom t-shirts. I'll be the rockinest chick in
the greater Portsmouth area. Heh, yeah right. I'll still
be the nobody I've always been. Oh, well. I'll just look
cooler than all of the Abersnobby clones. One more item on
t-shirts: I have an acquaintance that likes to cause a bit
of a ruckus at his high school occasionally. He took a
plain white shirt, and wrote on it in black magic marker,
K.I.L.L. And under it, he wrote "Kids In Libraries
Learn". He did it to protest the dress code at school.
The administration didn't like it, but they couldn't do
anything about it, either. I wish I had been more of a
rebel in high school. At the same time, though, I'm so
glad to have escaped it. And, if anyone I happen to know
is reading this crap, I'm still not sorry I boycotted

I want a white male feline, and I'll name him Honky
Cat. Damn, I've been listening to way too much Elton John
lately. Which brings me to my musical tastes. I like just
about everything before 1990. Most of today's music sucks
so much ass. There are only a handful of modern artists
that I can honestly say I like. Some of them are Radiohead
(I LOVE them), Tool, Bush, Weezer, Beck, Fatboy Slim...I
know there are others, but I'm getting a little too tired
to think at the moment so I'll stop.

That last sentence was rather odd, and can be
misconstrued. I don't mean that I'll stop thinking
(because thinking is one of my favorite activities), but
only I'll shut my brain off of modern music. I don't think
I'll write about music at all. I'll just listen to The
Velvet Underground and Nico as I write about something

The SN has green eyes. Mmmmm. He has not screwed up
the courage yet, though. Damn. However, we've only truly
met and "hung out", I suppose one could say, once. Maybe
Susan could have another game night and actually invite
more people so it won't look so obvious (to everyone but me
this time, heh) that it's a setup. Meanwhile, Lisa has
problems with a Jason of her own. A bastard that continues
to play with her affections and break her heart. She's
already dumped him twice and he's dumped her once. I
despair of her. I keep telling her to completely ignore
him and cut him off and eventually she'd get over him. But
the goofball keeps giving him more chances. I tell her
that cutting someone out of your life does work, but it
will always take time to get over them. Case in point:
me. But she never listens. I'm getting fed up with all of
the emotional fuckwittage from this jerk. One day he'll
get his comeuppance, and Lisa will find her prince after
kissing so many frogs. I wonder if I'll find my prince?
He's got to be out there someplace. My mother never found
hers; she stayed with my volatile father with a (for lack
of a better phrase) "big baby" disposition and a tendency
for infidelity. They've never divorced; personally, I
think he still lives here so he won't have to pay alimony
and child support for my two sisters. How he and I get
along is a whole new journal entry all together...

Melissa, on the other hand, has a Jason of her own and
the relationship is going just swell. We're all so happy
for her. And that wasn't sarcasm, by the way. What is it
with all of the Jasons? And Brians? I know so many it's
not funny. Ah, well.

Must log off now. Until next time I remain the lonely
and frustrated