When darkness consumes me...
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2003-01-12 07:19:43 (UTC)


I finally started my rp webpage on msn. Though that is only
the first step, now I need members. I already created a
map, the castles, temples, and Inns. Found names for towns
and a name for my elven empress. Moráwyn, how nifty is
that? The castle is called Emeraldwater and its a fantasy
rp for elves, dwarves etc...
I can't wait until I get started!!!

Anyways, thats about all im doing. None of my friends are
online so Im just sitting here. Though Gord said he would
be on at 10...but its way past that time right now. *sigh*
No one wants to hang out with me anymore? :'(


Well, I think im going to finish my rp thing. I hope people
will join soon. Im anxious to get started and meet new
people! ^^
See ya


*Forever the wolf in me will crave the sheep in you.*