Electric monkey
2001-09-10 02:30:50 (UTC)

9-9-01 [sundays are not exciting]

i bought some balloons today. so that i could teach my
english class how to make a balloon animal, for
my "demonstration" speech. heh. so then i got home and
discovered that i couldnt blow them up. [by myself]. jesus
couldnt blow them up either. go figure.. so i ended up
digging out a pump and blowing each one up, and then
letting the air out of them... just to get them started, so
now you can easily blow them up yourself. woohoo...... so
problem solved.
so now im sitting here with nothing else to do, which is
nice. i just ate some chips, they were good.
yesterday was mostly enjoyable. went to hoosier fest. then
left after a little while and went to rent movies. went to
grahams house to watch one of them. then we all went back
to hoosier fest to hear some band that was good or
something like that. yeah. then we all went to the lovely
Bryan park at 10:30pm. and played on the playground. david
was greatful enough to spin me around on the marry-go-round
really fast so i wasnt feeling too good afterwards...
blah... so i just sat on the swings the rest of the
time.. =(
that was yesterday. today i did what i already told you.
plus some other homework too. then i talked online for a
lil bit. fun fun. it rained most of the day today. so it
wasnt too much of a good day. now im listening to
Rammstein, and it makes me laugh. yet its pretty good. =)
german music is good. ive come to the conclusion, although
i havnt heard much. only the stuff that i downloaded today.
i downloaded the pinky and the brain theme song in german,
thats amusing, also Barbie Girl in german as well. also
pretty funny. hehe.
i bought a cd yesterday, i forgot to say. we went to all
ears, and i was looking in the sale cds, and i found a
beastie boys cd [hello nasty], so i bought it. plus it was
only $4.50!! so i definatly had to get it. hehe. ive
listened to it some, seems to be pretty good, if you're in
the mood. =)
i cant stop sneezing now, after i blew up those balloons
and stuff. bleh. i hope im not allergic to them, haha. =P
well, i better be going.
ps-no more spider. it died.