In Shaddy's Shadow
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2001-09-10 02:08:20 (UTC)

Philly, Philly

Damn it's really been a while since i wrote last but
anywayz madd shit has gone down...Like with me and Philly...We were
really kool for a while...i mean kickin' it hard...I slept over his
house a couple of times & we even had §ex..but as soon as school
started that nigga got SHADY on me...

Yesterday i went with my girl Jodi to Bay Days & after Bay Days we
got a Hotel with her man soo i called my boy Tik and had him pick me
up...Of course we had to go by Corey's crib i don't know why...but
Philly was there...Fuck it...After that me and Tik left and Tik was
askin me to come back...I was like "What for"..he goes "well Philly's
there!" i was like i don't really fuck with Philly anymore cuz ever
since school started he's gotten Shady on me and i'm not really down
for all that childs play...i told Tik i'm not fuckin with anymore
guys till i get out of school seein it's my last year...

Well Rachel was over at Corey's crib yesterday after i left and she
had asked him what was up...cuz TRULY i do like him ALOT...and he
said that every time we at his boy Corey's crib.. I been actin'
different...i really don't know what it is..Well i don't know what's
up...cuz i do like Philly alot and i won't mind bein his #1 as i
though it was gonna be but i'm not gonna be #1 in a list i wanna be
the only 1 ....but anywayz i guess it can't be like that soo Fuck
it...Tell ya what happens hopefuly i see him morrow!! =o)


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