Spyderman of this century

the story
2003-01-12 04:47:20 (UTC)

home is where i live

well, after what seems like a long break im back here at
school. i feel comfortable here, w/ my friends, the
friends i know. not too many people are back yet, but the
West Wing, my family here, were here, well, those of us
that are the closest. no calls yet about the jeep. it runs
in the tradin post startin monday, its listed online now,
www.tradinpost.com i havent decided yet exactly what im
gonna do about my next vehichle, if i move in back home
over the summer, i can prolly get back in at AES, make 5
grand, and buy a used blazer, 94 or 95, something nice, 2
door, or i could just give in and buy that camaro i want
so bad, and waste all my money makin it sweet, and mine.
some of the guys though are already talkin about just
stayin here and livin in the dorms over summer, doin
summer school, i guess its really cheap to stay in the
dorms during the summer, then we could save up some money
to get a house in the fall. i dunno, still alot of things
to work out before then, like passing this semester, i
have a hellish course load, so... but im sure as hell
gonna give her a run for the money. well im gonna go try
and find something to do now, peace out world