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2001-09-10 01:52:47 (UTC)

O0ok...let's start the crazyness

I had written a whole babbling sesion and when i sent it i
came to find that i had been disconnected, i lost it
all...i hate it when that happens...i guess i'll try to
write again.
Hi whoever is reading my diary. You don't know, me, and i
don't know you i'm sure. Just thought i'd say a few things
about myself...
Ok, well, i am a 15 year old, from Mexico. Not much more
to know really, if there is i'll probabbly just talk about
it later.
I am a weird person, i've always been a weird person, i am
proud of being a weird person, it does have it's downs at
times, but in general i like it hehe.
Sometimes i drive people to believe i'm crazy...sometimes
i AM crazy. My parents have even thought of sending me to
an 'institution', you know, a hospital, for the mentally,
ill, that's another story though hehe, maybe i'll tell it
It's quite easy for me to lie, not something i'm really
proud of, but i can make anyone believe anything i want.
It's not something i do on purpose either, most of the time
it's just to my mom, or to people i barely know. If someone
is my friend (which aonly a few people are) i won't lie to
you, even if my brain is dying to do it.
Sorry if i use some weird words, or expresions, i said
before i am from Mexico, which means my first language is
spanish. I love english thoug, i love the USA (specially
the people there).
As you can see i write, ALOT...not just babbling like this
(though i tend to do it, just write what i'm thinking about)
i write poetry too.
I have a low self steem...sometimes it seems like i don't,
but believe me, i do. i lie to myself sometimes too.
I have a major obssession with someone famous, not gonna
say names here, he's a singer, drummer too. I mention this
because almost everything i do has something to do with
i decided to write here cause, i don't really know, i just
need to express myself someway, and i don't really TALK
much about how i feel, i talk about other things too much
thow hehe. Maybe someone qwould read something that would
make them think, or maybe i'd get some feedback. Anyways,
it's gonna be good for me.
I don't know if anyone is still reading, i made this way
too long. Sorry if you're bored.
I still want to write, i always want to write, i guess
i'll just do it under a subject, i have too mucho to talk

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