Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-01-12 04:26:56 (UTC)

Do you believe in fate?

I'm sitting here watching tv on a saturday night hanging
out thinking out what I want to do with my life, and I how
much I want to get out of this town, and on two channels
there's shows on Vegas, can I say fate. On the Travel
channel, is a show on Vegas scams and then on E! it's the
vegas hot list (a bunch of silcon babes, not always my cup
of tea, but oh well, it's still Vegas)

I did some more writing on my novel today, not much but I
got some inspiration and ran with it. It was pretty good.
I am so wiped out, but I shouldn't be I slept all night and
about 4 hours today also. Oh well. Maybe this cold is
just warn me out. I need to find out when I can go to
Vegas and find a job. I really want to go there and start
a new life.

Oh on the homefront: Jim the ex went by my parents house
today and dropped off some stuff including my insurance
card. Yeah, at least he finally did something
nice...probably is going to try and deduct the gas money of
his trip on the next car payment... UGH!!!!

Oh well, off to watch tv...