My So-called Life
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2003-01-12 04:23:57 (UTC)

back to school

monday we went back to school. fun fun. and my friend just
decided she wasn't going to pick me up and i had to wait
for my mom to get up and get ready to take me to school. i
was an hour late to my first day with the teacher many ppl
call "satan". fun fun. other then that the day wasn't too
awfully bad. art and design is pretty fun- my commercial
art class. in spanish 2 i made 2 100's on quizzes. i don't
think i made 2 100's last semester in spanish 1 at all. it
was great. and this guy in show choir waved at me in class and asked
how i was. it was cool. i'll write more later, i'm busy talking! i do
wish eric would call though. :( but until then.....