my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-12 04:07:31 (UTC)


i never knew how aggravating computers could me. here i am... DOWNLOADING the internet. i mean a newer version so i can run certain things properly. I don't even know if i'm allowed to be doing this. im sitting here... listening to fm99(to a pantara songe ive never heard) downloading something i might not be allowed to download.. might mess up something who knows. I certainly hope not. dang that would majorly suck. besides the fact that then i would have to get my comp fixed i'd get a HUGE lecture from dad about downloading stuff without asking. and oh how i hate that lecture. he gave me one when i downloaded aim... he never found out i downloaded msn ha so i didn't get one for that... dang this is confusing first it said it take a hour.. then half a hour.. now its going back and forth to different times but looking at the bar thing... it doesn't even look halfwya done yet. of course my doing this doesn't help but im ridiciously bored. i cna't say that word. lol. ridiciously. i can't remember how to say it right lol! i say it like 5 different ways and none of them sound right. i can say ridiculus. but adding the simple 2 letters messes me up... lol im strange. im sitting here saying ridiculus out loud. wrong even worse. and i dont think im spellin it right because i can't SAY it right lol. i kept sayin ridicilius i mean thats how i was pronouncing it lol. ok im gonna go... bye maybe next time i write ill have a working comptuer with a newer interent thing yea bye

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