"My Wonderful Life"
2001-09-10 01:34:23 (UTC)

My new Diary who I am

Hey My name is Andrew Davis. I go to South stokes High
School. I am single my g/f and I broke up about 3 weeks ago
or something like that. I am having the greatest time of
my life now. I am talking to alot of other people and i'm
not "whipped" anymore and any of my friends could probably
agree I was whipped. Everything had to be about her. Her
this, her that so I am glad it is over with now. I already
have some crushes and we dont have to read the names off
now do we. So that can be my little secret. The reason my
name is Whiteice3 is because when I grow up I am going to
be a Rapper named white Ice and when I play football I am
Number 3. So if you was wondering thats why. Our varsity
team just lost againest our rivils and that sucks we have
never lost to them and now we have that will be different
going to school tomorrow but I will see how it will go.
But I guess I am going to get off and watch Band of
Brothers. Peace!!