Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-01-12 02:49:36 (UTC)


ok well i got this letter in the mail that said i passed
the maryland functional math test, and my mom and i had a
deal that if i passed i i can get my belly button peirced
and well so i cant wait till i can get it
peirced......ooooo i'm sooo exited.i dont even care if it
hurts at all, it's gonna look awsome. i been workin out
soooo much l8tely, i hope i'm gonna look good and thin by
summer vacca when evoryones havein pool parties. lol i
wanna show off what i got to all the looser guys to show
them what there missin out on, lol. wooow i'm inna good
mood, just got 20 for babysittin. wow thesse kids are
hyper, omg i have soooo much math hw due on monday but i
dont htink im gonna o it, god i could care less about math,
but it's sooooo much, i have finals commin up soon...and of
course i'm nerviouse. god damn, imma fail, finals are a
stupid exuse to get our parents to yell at us and i can
assure you my parents WILL yell! wooow well it was a buisy
fuckin week even though i felt highj the whole time. i
havent been sleepin, i keep hearing the weird country tune
and these words singing over and over again, i cant
remember the words. but evory morning i find myself not
being abl to get out of bed, i'm like hypnotized by this
music on my radio, and finally i fall out and hit my head
and i'm like "wtf was that" god i'm like totally hypnotized
becuase io'm so tired but awake enough to know something si
wrong, it's weird. i dunno wat it is.....i think aliense
are hypnotizing me to do something, lol it could happen.
well wtvr, it's working becuase i havent been sleepin and
there something wrong with me that i cant quite put my
finger on, maybe i just need a cigarett, but i promised
nolan i wouldent smoke anymore.sigh!