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2003-01-12 02:28:43 (UTC)

Dan's Love

I went over to Dan's house. I stood outside freezing
before he finally answered the door. He opened it with his
usual surprised look on his face and then I stepped in and
he greeted me with a kiss. we shared a moment staring at
eachother's eyes and we knew what the evening would hold
for us. I noticed his parents' car was gone so I asked him
where they were. He said they had just left for a movie.
I took off my jacket and we headed into Dan's room.
It was already lit up with black lights, highlighting his
bed and his many velvet posters around his room. He put a
CD on and I was just standing there watching him and
wondering. He turned around and put his hands on my waist
and kissed me and pushed me back toward the bed. We laid
down on it with him on top of me. My, was he controlling
today, but that's okay, he knows I like that.
We immediately began kissing and making out. Dan stayed
on top of me the whole time as my hands went under his
shirt and caressed his back gently. He ran his hands up
and down my sides and sent shivers up my spine. We rolled
over to the side and I began to undo his button and zipper
on his pants. I could tell he was excited when he was
laying on top of me because I could feel it. I slid my
hand down through the hole in his boxers and sure enough,
it was hard and ready. Gently I began rubbing it for him
and a slight moan escaped his lips during our kiss.
Meanwhile, Dan had undone my belt and was fumbling with
the sticky zipper, but managed to get it. He slid his hand
down underneath my underwear and gently touched the skin
above my area, making me tingle. He then slid his hand
down a little farther, over the shaved parts, then to my
clit. As usual, he tickled it a little bit making me
giggle and stop rubbing him. He stopped, then slid his
fingers down a little farther. Dan had just put his two
fingertips in when he pulled out and made me stop.
I was sure something was wrong. I knew he hadn't come
already so what was up? He pushed me gently onto my back
then sat up and carefully pulled my pants down. At this
point I would normally tell him no, but there was no
stopping me today. I let him slide them all the way off,
except for my black thong of course. He took off my socks
also, then slid his hands gently up my legs and over my
sensitive skin. He told me how soft my skin was, then
rolled me back onto my side and let me play with him for a
minute or so.
Then, Dan continued on with me by simply moving my thong
to the side a bit, and slid two of his chilly fingers
inside. He commented on how wet I was already, and began
moving them around slightly.
Again, I told him to stop, He asked me what the matter
was and I told him it's unfair. He asked me what was
unfair, then he got the message. Dan sat up and allowed me
to take off his pants except for his boxers. I climbed
back up to him and sat on top of him, he would have been
inside of me if we werent' covered. I leant down and
kissed him gently then he rolled me back on to my side.
He put two fingers inside of me and began twitching them
around slightly, warming me up so to speak. Gently, he
began to rub that spot. He always knows right where it is
and seems to hit it just right. It sent chills through
every nerve in my body, but not just once, he kept doing
Meanwhile, I had pulled Dan's dick out of his boxers for
easier access and had made an O with my fingers and was
rubbing up and down. I had begun to pick up speed as i
myself was feeling more and more pleasure.
Dan wouldn't just rub the g-spot, he'd mix it up a bit.
Every so often he would take his two fingers and drive them
in and out of me quickly, giving me the sensation I hoped
he would give me sometime. I was getting close.
I had begun to go a little faster rubbing dan's shaft and
I heard him moan a little bit. Then suddenly, I stoppped.
So did he, and he asked me what was wrong. "Nothing", I
replied and gave him a wink. naturally, he knew what I was
I proceeded to feel up under his shirt and helped him
take it off. He gently caressed my side and I sat up and
he lifted mine off of me, leaving me only wearing my black
bra and thong. He was sitting in only his boxers when he
sat up and kissed me gently. He put his arm around my side
to my back then gently laid me down on his bed. He rolled
on top of me and now that there were few clothes in the way
I could feel his dick on my lower stomach.
We kissed passionately and he reached underneath my back
and quickly unsnapped my bra. I was honestly surprised at
how quickly he was able to do that. He then gently pulled
it off of my chest and laid on top of me. Just the
liberating feeling of my skin against his was
unbelievable. How long I had waited to feel this. He
gently rubbed my breasts as we felt every corner of
eachother's mouth.
I continued gently drawing on his now bare back lower and
lower, until I reached his boxers' waistband. We rolled
over on to our sides quickly. I gently pulled themdown a
little bit, as far as I could, then I felt a strong hand
help me out until they were gone. Dan slipped a finger
underneath the side of my panties and slid them down me
until they were gone.
for the first time, we were naked, and had to stop
kissing for a moment to admire eachother. Dan looked so
muscular and wonderful in the light without clothes on, I
was utterly impressed. He gently caressed my side as he
sort of laid higher on the side of me and said, "You're
beautiful." I know that he meant it.
He rolled on top of me finally and I felt the real
hardness of his member. He put one hand gently between my
legs and I slid them apart for him. We stopped kissing for
a second while he guided his dick to the right spot.
Finally, Dan reached up to kiss me as he slid inside of
me. I had been waiting so long for this feeling, it was
amazing. We laid there for a moment missionary style, just
staring into eachothers' eyes, anticipating the passion
that was to come from our bodies.
Slowly we started making love. Dan would gently move
himself in and out of me, and I would gently grind my hips
against him. So many things were running through my mind,
but it felt so good to have him inside of me and being
naked making love to the one I love.
We were grinding and moaning into eachother's mouth
passionately then I wrapped my legs around his back and we
rolled over onto our sides. The grinding continued, then I
pushed him over onto his back and sat up above him. He
gave me a look I will never forget, a look of love,
passion, and desire all at the same time.
I lowered myself onto his dick slowly, then he sat up and
kissed me gently. I pushed him back down onto the bed and
began lifting myself on and off of his member. Slowly at
first, then I began to pick up a little bit of speed and
putting my hips into it a little bit more. He was
exploring every inch inside of me without doing anything.
It was amazing. He was gently rubbing my breasts while I
fucked him, and the water underneath us in the bed was
making a lot of noise.
He sat up and kissed me and rolled me onto my back
again. He gently lifted my legs up into the air a bit,
then put himself inside of me. The strange pleasure that
came from this position made me gasp, then he began to
grind. Each time his dick went inside of me, it hit that
spot just right and made me moan a little more each time.
After a bit, he put my legs back down, and just before
entering me again, paused and looked deeply into my eyes.
I knew I loved him, I knew it before I'd ever kissed him,
but this was making love, something new and amazing between
Dan put his dick into me one last time, and we went all
out. He was fucking me so hard I could have screamed, and
I was grinding my hips enough that the waterbed sounded
like an earthquake was happening. We were sweaty and
breathing extremely hard, almost panting. Both of us were
to the point of exhaustion, and had given up kissing
eachother, because the moans were too intense to kiss well.
Then, I started to feel it, first in my genitals, then it
spread to my entire body. Dan said he was coming, but I
knew when he almost stopped breathing and moaned hard once
then held his breath. I could have screamed, but I held my
breath as my every nerve and fiber in my being shivered and
tingled. We stopped and came together in one magnificent
wave of pleasure and passion.
We laid there for a minute next to eachother, breathing,
and taking in our love. Then we cleaned up a bit, got
underneath the covers and held eachother. I closed my eyes
and was about to fall asleep when Dan said, "I love you
Sarah." I paused for a moment and smiled, then said "I
love you too." Then we held eachother and feel asleep in
eachothers' love.

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