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2003-01-12 02:18:32 (UTC)

Boring Day

Today was a pretty boring day...I did hw...bc i have so
much and teachers suck and so do midterms...i watched Bring
It On...the BEST movie every...then i went to church...then
i went to the movies with my BEST FRIEND Amy Jo. Swint!!!We
saw Two Weeks was really i have to
go do more of my Spanish review PACKET that i just got
YESTERDAY and that is due on MONDAY bc we have part of our
speaking test...ugh...midterms succkkkkk
goin skiing tomorrow with my other best friend Nick
Rinella...yea we're goin to Gore...and i have to take a
stupid lesson bc my mom signed me up for one...o well i
could use the practice...cuz i wont b able to keep up with
nick...hes like a freakin racer...he is a racer...if i went
as fast as he does id fly off a cliff...

Quote of the Day (these prly wont last long): "Why try to
fit in, when u were born to stand out."

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