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2003-01-12 01:16:30 (UTC)


I havent written in a while..I havent been home and I didnt
have time. I got those suspenders for april..I hope she
likes em. Theyre pretty cool lookin. I bought a white pair
for myself and also a couple belts.
Work was alright..Pease this weekend...yay...easy money.
Me and my dad had a pretty cool conversation today...Its
actually the first time we have talked in a while....I told
him how Im not sticking around after i graduate because i
hate how mom controlls my life and as long as I am living
under her roof, that is what she thinks...well...if she
thinks like that...I wont be under her roof..Im all grown
up now and she has to understand that because I am a free
person and I am gonna do what I feel like doing. No one is
going to hold me back by giving me a curfew or taking my
car...its not gonna be like that and I hope she realizes
it. My dad is almost done putting my stereo in my
car...woohoo...yee haa.
well, thats all I feel like talking about..bye

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