All in the Night
2001-09-10 00:47:06 (UTC)

long weekend

Oh wow, i had like the longest weekend. On Friday our
school had a football game against out big rivals..West
Stokes. Well, everything was all peachy for the first part
of the day. All of the football players and cheerleaders
drove around the school hanging out of sunroofs.t-
tops/convertibles...you get the point and that got everyone
all riled up in the morning. Then at lunch we had face
painting and we decorated the entire school...had a pep
ralley fourth period...beat a car...it was great. TRhen we
had band practice from 1:30 until like almost 6. WE had
like 15 mintues to eat and then all 130 (or soemthing close
to that) of us all had to go get dressed and line up for
pregame. Anyways, i'll get to the point..our hlaftime show
sucked...completely fell apart...and then our team lost!!!
Agh, it sucked so bad! Anyways, got home at like 11
somethign and had people over until like really late and
Sarah and i had to up at 5 the next mroning. Kyle and
Katie came over and we lft to go to Kinf to meet our
teacher so she could drive us to Charlotte to the annual
conference. It was SOOOOOOO BORING!!!!! I mean we spent
the whole day listening to lectures and it was about -50
degreees in the building. Got back about 9 last night and
Sarah and i fell asleep watching a movie with my parents.
Slept until like 20 mintues before church today, i was
STRAIGHT UP STRUGGLIN'!!!!! I went out with Chad today!!!
He is soo adorable! anyways, i'm not even going to discuss
all that, b/c i've already written too much already but i
do have one more thing. I called a "friend" today that i
haven't talked to in a while (well like a week i guess) b/c
we ended thigns on a bad note the last time we talked. It
was so weird..i felt like i didn't even know the person. I
mean there was just nothign to say, i wanted to cry...i
hate lsoing friends...esp/ when it just ends b/c you simply
quit talking. anyways, i'm done, goodnight