baby pink
2003-01-12 00:55:20 (UTC)

until this nite, i had ne`er seen true beauty ...

not wrote in while ive bn really busy with college, fuck
who ever thought actin would be so hard but it is but its
gonna b worth it def... im gonna work ma ass off i need to .
bn doin audition 4 west side story got in big audition in
feb im sure cant wait..

Todayz bn pretty cool, got up really early though, only for
brian lol he came over n we just went back to bed again ;) n
got dressed n went into town... then we came back here and
just watched dvds . Just bein with him made me realise how
much i really do love him, he means the world to me .

ON a bad note though i had a huge mutherfuckin argument with
pot today, shes ma bestest pal i aint mentioned her in this
b4 dunno y she also means the world to me i do anything 4
her alwayz have already have .... but it just angers me cin
her stuck indoors all time watchin the world pass her by
when i no she could and should b out here with the rest of
us workin 4 a better life n shes not shes just sittin back
shes bn under lots of stress n i understand that i just wish
she would nt take the easy way out in life... i guess thats
the way thats makes her happy n ill have to get used to it
but ill b hard ....

xxx BaBy PiNk xxx