Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
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2003-01-12 00:29:29 (UTC)

misalaneous letter

sorry that i didn't write anything yesterday. today is
saterday, and a very borning day. my g/f left me for the
mall(damn girls). and all my friends are grounded cause we
got the dreadful report cards yesterday and all my friends
aren't all there..so they got bad grades. DAMN YALL! so i
am forced to sit here on this dreadful contagous thing
called the internet. yea thank u al gore for invinting
this, after all u did. idiot.
i also managed to not mention one thing in my last
diary entry. i have a band...well not really a band just a
group of people who play instraments. so not quite a band
yet. but i just had to mention that.
i found out something, punk rock is faiding. all the
bands are switching to a more mellow depresed alternative.
that r girlly punk. the kind girls brush there hair to. and
there is no REAL punk band anymore. it's onlt these bands
that people like because they r seksie. the face of music
is beatiful...and that sux ass. w/e happened to the ugly
screaming of the sex pistols and ramones and hell NIRVANA,
where did that type of music go? ok yes i no NIRVANA wasn't
punk but still. they had the best style of music. Bush has
come closest to reincarnating that style. but they failed
miserably. i mean there stil good. but once agian, galven
rossdell or h/o u spell his name is one of the seksiest men
ALIVE! and then wat the hell. we r letting the fucking
canadians become punks now. they r like the biggest punks
there is. and i swear to god if someone says that avril
lavigne is punk i am gonna kill them. she is the worst
excuse of a punk i have ever heard of. punk rock....real
punk rock should hurt u to listen to. u should break out in
a sweat from tru punk rock. and there is no band like that
anymore. and i no how hard it is to do that, but this pussy
punk is starting to piss me off. BRING BACK THE MELVINS!
AND KILL THE ROCKAFELLERS!...just thought i would add that.
the best WRITER out there is probably Brad Arnalds of 3
doors down. now i aint saying this just cause he is a
southern boy, but he is seriously good. seriously...yall
buy there new album...good
ok well that is enough for today in my life style of
music....i am going to my g/f's now. bye