Freedoms Asylum
2001-09-10 00:42:32 (UTC)

So tired


Last night was so fuckin great. I mixed my drinks and
my weed-intake to that PERFECT point where you're REALLY
fucked up but not trashed. It's that point where you're
still in control of yourself but yet you're at your loosest

Anyway, it was kind of part of my goodbye to being
social before school, work, and the creative boom! begin.
We stayed out till 7ish, went from the bar to Neptunes
diner, Neptunes had a line waiting outside so we were
like "fuck this" and boogied on down to Mike's diner. Food
never tastes so good as when you're drunk and stoned.

The bar was great. ( excuse my unordered narration) I
didn't drink THAT much, though on an empty stomach and on a
long spurt of sobriety what I had did the job. Ok, let's
see... Came in, had a rum and coke. Sipped it for like 2
minutes then said fuck it, threw the straw aside and gulped
it down. Got up. Got another rum and coke. Sipped faster,
no gulp. 5 minutes pass, talking, fun time at the table
just cracking jokes and shit. At this point I sat between
Eva and Julie. We decided it was time for a shot so we went
for lemon drops. Lemon drops are shots of vodka with a
lemon drenched in sugar on the side. You shoot the vodka
and then suck on the lemon and voila! you have the effect
of a vodka shot minus the nauseating taste. I also got
another rum and coke. Finished that. 15 minutes passed.
Went out with a few of the fellow drinkers, smoked up. Came
back in, .. ok wait.. I don't really remember the order of
things at this point, but I know we had another round of
shots ( on the house by the way) and I had another rum and
coke with that too. I forget what the shot was called but
it reminded me of this drink I had in Greece. It was a
shotglass within a regular glass and the shotglass had
something in it and the glass had something in it. I looked
at it for 2 seconds before downing it so I barely remember
the color. I THINK that maybe I had another rum and coke
after that, and then we left.

Okay now picking up from after the diner, we headed to
my place, I got whatever I had left of my hydro bag and we
went up to the roof, rolled, blazed and chilled for a
little bit. I'm sure this doesn't sound even a fraction of
how great it was, but there are a lot of little details I'm
leaving out that are either too personal or too embedded
into my memory as moments who's FEELING, and not detail,
are meant to be retained in my memory.

Today I woke up at 12:30 cause an old friend was
coming over. Her and I hadn't hung out in a long time and
things weren't so great where we last left them. I had a
good time with her despite being maddd tired, and she just
left a few hours ago.

Okay, I'm really fuckin tired right now so I'm gonna
end this right here.