[email protected]
2001-09-10 00:33:57 (UTC)

Tattooed Knight in fatuiges

It's been a while since I have had time to do this. I think
that in a way its good. I have met somone. Just when you
think life is shit and nothing good will ever come of it, I
am proven wrong. Then man came into my life when I least
expected it. He is beautiful, funny, smart, has a son he
has custody of, and responsible. An ex Navy and Army He is strong. He is tattooed! LOL He is sweet,
and has a flavor for life. He inspires me and motivates me.
He spoils me to the core. He has bought me perfume..brought
me flowers..we have had picnics with our kids. He calls me
in the morrning before work and wants to be at my side in
the eves. I step aside and look at myself and wonder...WHY?
Why does this wonderful man want me.? What attracts him to
me? He asked me out when I was at work..and I about fell
over..I am really happy..For the first time in a long time.
And I am scared as hell too.

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