lustful nightmares
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2001-09-10 00:26:16 (UTC)

Seven Years Bad Luck


as of friday night i became homeless...well sort of. my
mother kicked me out because i said something wrong and she
thought i was blaming her and then i tried to use the phone
just as she was trying to get on the internet. jesus is she
bitchy when she can't get on. she came storming out of the
living room and bitched me out becuase i was trying to see
if my car is anywhere near being done. and being 7pm it was
too late to be calling about my car. so what i dont' give a
i know he won't see it but it feels sort of better when i
yell. i bitched him out last night because he said it was
supposed to be done yesterday. GUESS WHAT IT WASN'T!!
fucking asshole. i want to burn his house down. but i dont'
want to then he'll get the insurance money for it. anyways.
as i was saying. i'm not going to do into alot of detail
about the fight right now. *i'm at my grandmothers for a
little bit just checking my mail* but i packed my stuff and
started walking down the road. i called my ex but i
couldn't stay at his house for the night. his parents
wouldn't answer him. so i eventually called my dad. only
cause i heard coyotes and they scare me. not too many
animals scare me but they do. so right now i'm staying with
my dad. hopefully i'll get a job so i can get my own
computer and be able to afford an internet bill. i hate not
being able to talk to people on here. and once in a while i
meet some neat guys. just wish i could keep in touch with
them. especially this one guy i meet who's from south
carolina. shit that doesn't look right but i don't care
right now. he's older but i like him. he was really nice
and unlike most guys wasn't interested in cybering. but who
knows. i can't spell tonight. he could be a kreep like most
of the guys in this world. *sigh*

shit i don't know what to say. i'm not really feeling
depressed right now but i kind of am.

ooo. i bought system of a down's toxiciity the other day,
and today i bought a movie called plan 9 from outer space
or something like that. it's directed by ed wood. so it's
got to be funny. at first i thought it was ed wood. with
johnny depp playing ed wood. but it wasn't.

i feel sick.

wow. i had a lot more to say than i thought. woo.

that's it until i can get on here again. and remember to