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2001-09-10 00:19:03 (UTC)

09.09.01 - dreams

i keep having these dreams of places that seem so
significant in a conscious state

one: a bedroom with high celing and pillows everywhere...
its very sunny in the room.. im dressed in a white cotton
dress.. i look like an angel.. i feel very safe and secure
there.. there is a dark feature man there that keeps me
feeling safe.

another is this house with many hallways and secret
passagesand someone is always getting murdered as i peak
in. so many stairs... it is not a good feeling there... its
very evil and disgusting. . .. . i believe warned was once
in this house with me

oh so many houses and building.. so many "memories"
a dirty apt. building with grafitti and people everywhere..
perhaps a rave... seeing people i know on line... everyone
sitting in a circle.. doing e.. justins there so is ruben

another is always shopping in this certain store.. but
nothing fits... i think its on west 8th streeet but im
probably wrong...

shopping in a factory .. a very dark building with cheap

a skateboarding store, after that i go to a les bar and im
dressed goth.. the stools are very tall

i had this dream last night where i was in this huge
colloseum.. it was very gothic and old looking with velvet
drapes, old paintings, and antique furniture everywhere..
my exboyfriend michael balzano was there.. and i was with
this kid who wanted to hook up with me... michael was with
this chick ... very ugly.. but this kid i was hooking up
with made him break up with her to be with me... i asked
michael if he wanted to smoke with me... and he said yes..
and it was his own blunt cuz i asked him if he needed and
he said no..

i keep having these flashbacks of all these dreams i used
to have, even as a child
the one over the very skinny bridge to the beach.. but the
ocean isnt far .. it leads into a waterfall....and im
sitting in front of this weird beach house alone.. the
streets look like brighton beach but much cleaner
. . ..

there are just so many that come and go.

like the one where im in a store and the back door leads
into this empty apartment... the walls in each room are
painted different colors, but i think there is either paint
over the windows or those shades that go over the windows
in beetlejuice .. . and im very scared... its very scary
in there and i hear whispers...