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2003-01-11 23:22:30 (UTC)

a mistake

I come to realize my last entry was a mistake. I guess
somethings should just be kept to yourself. but things can
only be kept inside for so long. Maybe I just typed it
becasue I didnt want to say it out loud. I didnt want
people to worry. Well it was a mistake, because of that
one entry two of my best friends wont talk to me, again my
fault because I guess im less worried about it then them.
Because I havent gone and taken the test yet. I will but
they refuse to talk to me till then. Well I find that to
be stupid.
I love my friends and they mean to the world to me and I
guess they are just worried, but if im not stressing it
why should they? Yeah it could come back positive, but
what if it isnt? Why put myself through all that stress
when I most likely wont have to deal with it. All the
stress is going to do is prevent me from getting my period
Life is hard enough, why add even more stress when its not
needed? I know ill be fine and Im almost positive what
the results will be, but if im wrong then ill just deal
with it. A person could drive themself crazy thinking of
all the possibilities. Things work themselces out in the