Kat Eyes
2003-01-11 19:47:51 (UTC)

Convo between Blake and I:1/11

Mazturblaker: hey kit kat
lanianela724: hi
lanianela724: whats up
Mazturblaker: me..
lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: besides that
Mazturblaker: nuthin much...u?
Mazturblaker: i miss u
lanianela724: miss u more
Mazturblaker: highly unlikely
lanianela724: i do!
Mazturblaker: nope nope nope
lanianela724: w/e you say
lanianela724: i checked the paper for chicago times
Mazturblaker: what time and junk?
lanianela724: are we going to see a certain show?
Mazturblaker: honestly i don't even know if i can go now
Mazturblaker: my mom's bitching that i need to come visit
lanianela724: why?!
lanianela724: dammit
lanianela724: you hafta come
Mazturblaker: i know, but i don't know if i can
lanianela724: 1205, 1245, 315, 500, 545, 740, 815, 1020 and
lanianela724: (its on 2 screens)
Mazturblaker: i dunno, not until italk to my mom
lanianela724: ok
Mazturblaker: who is calling right now
lanianela724: ....
lanianela724: i have no idea
Mazturblaker: brb
lanianela724: ok
Mazturblaker: bak
lanianela724: ok
Mazturblaker: y does rata live with her dad
Mazturblaker: he seems like an ass
Mazturblaker: and her mom is great
Mazturblaker: i LOVE her mom
lanianela724: um.....ok
lanianela724: o tata?
lanianela724: i was like wtf whose rata
Mazturblaker: LOL
lanianela724: ive never met her mom
lanianela724: or her dad
lanianela724: only tata
Mazturblaker: ohh...omg tata and her mom r like jessie and
alicia when they r 2ge her
Mazturblaker: OMG..and tata used to live in my house
lanianela724: lol
Mazturblaker: isn't that wird
lanianela724: no way!
Mazturblaker: *weird
lanianela724: just a little
Mazturblaker: seriously
Mazturblaker: and her g-pa owns my house
Mazturblaker: cuz we just rent it
Mazturblaker: LOL
lanianela724: awesome
Mazturblaker: she was like NO FUCKING WAY
Mazturblaker: cuz her mom gav me a ride home
lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: i was wondering where you were last night
lanianela724: i was on for 30 min and you were still idle
Mazturblaker: OMG..and would u b cool with it if i slept
over tta's som time
Mazturblaker: her mom would SO let
Mazturblaker: me
lanianela724: yea i dont care
Mazturblaker: ok....i'll b good
lanianela724: lol
Mazturblaker: we'd be sleeping in differant rooms n e wayz
Mazturblaker: LOL
Mazturblaker: but it'd b fun!
lanianela724: lol
lanianela724: ok
Mazturblaker: well my mom had to go she's gonna call me bak
lanianela724: o ok
lanianela724: you think she'll let you go?
lanianela724: ...
Mazturblaker: i may not hafta go to her house 'til tonight,
but i my dad prolly wont let me go now
lanianela724: crap
Mazturblaker: yeah, sorry
Mazturblaker: my bad
lanianela724: so you'll prolly hafta leave tonight?
lanianela724: its ok
Mazturblaker: yeah
lanianela724: can we do movies or something or do you hafta
pack and what-not
Mazturblaker: i was thinking, i could hav ppl over, but i
don't know yet
lanianela724: ok
lanianela724: that trolley was funny
Mazturblaker: yeah it was
Mazturblaker: hey i gots to go for a lil bit
Mazturblaker: brb
Mazturblaker: if ur not on
Mazturblaker: i'll call u l8er
lanianela724: ok
lanianela724: byes