Kat Eyes
2003-01-11 19:47:31 (UTC)

january 11, 2003

sry i havent written in so long. things have ben
busy/hectic with school for the past week. but i cant
complain-i'm enjoying it. things between blake and i are
going fine. i dont think they could be going nay better. i
havent kissed him since christmas eve, but its no big. i
dont care about it. everyone else seems to though. i'm
really glad to be back in school. i love waking up in the
morning for a reason. as opposed to vacation where i had no
plans. school is going ok. we had to tally the senior best
ballots this week. it was horrible. there were hundreds of
them. and they had to be done in 5 days. i spent 2 hours
and 30 min on thursday night tallying all of them. but we
got them done. algebra is doing much better. we took a test
a few days before we got out for break, and i got a c- on
it. but he gave us the exact same test when we came bck and
i got an a- on it! i had to work w/ andi french though. he
allowed partners for the test and h assigned them! i really
wanted to work w/ jourdan. and we barely worked together.we
both worked on our own tests except when one of us got
stuck. if i had a question i'd ask her and vise versa.
although i missed all the questions i asked her for help
on. strange. but math is going ok. i'm really trying in
bio. it sucks really bad but im trying to pay attention
more. plus it helps that this chapter we're starting on is
about rocks and fossild and not dihybrid crosses or
something. english is going fine. im acing her class with
either a book or my journal in my other hand. its great i
really wish she could just stick me in english ap, b/c i
know it ticks her that i can ace her class and read another
book at the same time. seriously her clas is so retarded.
everything else is going well. my birthdaywas yesterday!
o'm so happy i'm finally 16! blake brought me roses and a
stuffed cat animal. winter baked me a cake and her and
nikki gave me flowers and a 5 dollar gift certificate to starbucks.
it was so great. no one has ever done that for me before. and we went
to the park last night. blake, tata, matt, jess, alicia, jourdan and
i. we went to wendy's and we rode the trolley. (yes monrovia has a
trolley)it was so gay and it damn near went into arcadia. we were
like ok can we turn around now? and these 7th grade chicks were on
the trolley and screaming and being loud(like 7th graders do)it was
fun though. it was a great birthday. and i didnt spend it w/ family
which made everything much better. the downfall though was jourdan
tried to kill himself on the 9th at about 8:30-9:00. it was scary. he
IMed everyone telling us that he was really sorry. and when people
tried calling him he'd hang up. and he was crying. we were really
scared. he didnt do it (hes fine now) but he told me that he alost
did and christen's call stopped him from doing it. we were really
freaked. so we took him to the counselor and we talked everything
out. so hes going to get help-hopefully. well i have to run b/c dads
bitching that he wnats online so i g2g/ l8rz!