2001-02-15 03:59:20 (UTC)

Yesterday was the best..

Yesterday was the best valentine's day i had... first it
started out as this...

before that day, i decided to buy some credits for my
ailing cellphone... my cellphone hadn't been loaded with
credits for the past 2 months... so i brought P300 pesos
worth of credit (US$6 dollars) for me to phone my baby up
in the other country... 300 pesos wouldn't last much with a
long distance call but 15 minutes of just hearing my baby
talk is worth it... if i wasnt that cash strapped i would
have bought a much bigger valued phone card... anyway... so
i tried to call her at around 3:30 pm (phil time). An
operator answered and i couldn't understand anything she
was telling me... i nearly jammed/glued the phone to my ear
just to make out what the gal at the other line was trying
to say... anyway... i told her "ah... i guess this wasn't a
direct line, is arni there" i taught before that i would
make a direct call... after my distraught attempt to
explain to the operator who i want to talk to the girl told
me rm. 113... i guess it was a hotel that they were staying
at that time... so the operator got me hooked up... and
after 3 minutes of "communicating" with the operator gal...
all i get was "Im sorry but sheila is not around at the
moment. please leave a message after the beep." damn... 3
precious minutes lost just because of that stupid operator
and yet i still havent talked to my baby... as i was about
to leave my message... i was cut... damn stupid attempt...

i moped in front of the computer for the next hour or so...
thinking i wasted 3 precious minutes just to get to talk to
my baby...

then it happened... my baby phoned me... i was so excited
that i leaped from my chair to find a better signal for my
phone... i told her that i would call her coz international
long distance calls really are expensive... i got in and
talked toher for just 12 minutes... but man.. those 12
minutes were the best one for me... i heard her voice...
that beautiful (for me it is) voice that used to tell me
face to face "I love you"... i nearly cried that moment...
God... am i in love with this girl or what... i had a watch
in front of me the whole time to anticipate when the phone
would end up with zero credits and the line would be cut...

those 12 fleeting minutes were so good... i wish i had it
recorded... then it finally ended... the phone line was
cut... i love my baby so much... then i ended smiling the
whole day like nothing was gonna make this day sour for
me... you know... like nothing will make this day bad for
me... it was so good... i love my baby so much... those 300
pesos were spent good and well... and now today i will
resign from my job eventhough they're offering me to extend
it a little bit by 15 days... but still...

those 12 beautiful minutes talking to my baby and knowing
that she's all right and the vow that we will never leave
each other was the best valentines day for me ever... i
love my baby...