Bubble Baby
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2001-09-09 22:21:58 (UTC)

It's Been Awhile

Wow.I was just sitting here on this lovely Sunday and
figured I haven't updated this in awhile and I thought just
maybe i'd have enough to say.
School started September 5th - how fun was that considering
they messed my schedule up like they do to everyone every
single year! Schools are so gay sometimes. My classes are
pretty cool they're mostly easy.
Bill left for college that same day :( He came back though
yesterday so we could spend the day together...i'm so happy
he didn't go too far cause we can still see each other.
I had a job at Cinnabon ,but they were stupid and made me
work way too much so now i'm working at an ice cream place
with lots less hours and I still have time for my life :)
To top it all off I work with my best friend, Patty.
Septemberfest was yesterday..I went for like 2 hours or so...saw a
few friends...that's about it .Oh well.
I'll write more later because right now I dont wanna.

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