Kitten's deams
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2003-01-11 18:46:25 (UTC)


I had a date last night! His name is J****. I met his mom
in December and she gave me his number. He called on
Thursday and we set up a Date for last night. We had so
much fun. I didn' get home untill after midnight. We
talked most of the time, but we had a little bit of fun
too. He's strong! But it's kinda sexsy having a guy b
sronger than you. Cool. He's nice and we could talk for
hours. OK I'm done. We had some relly good food. And we
talked over our entire meal. Not a single akward silance.
Afte dinner we went to go see Two Weeks Notice. It was
really good. I mean it's a love story. I like love
storys. But more important was the fact that it was
funny. Ok Now I'm done. We had a wrestling mach. He
won. He needs to learn bout personal space. But I'm not
really mad about that. I think we'e going to see eachother