willow da kat

willows diary
2001-09-09 22:10:42 (UTC)

no ones like online other than Halley

every one has a away message! i wish i could just walk away
and people would miss me and im me lol but thats not going
to happen. im kinda sad still cause mike e cut his dreads
off and his comment on it was that his head fellt lighter
what a dumb ass he was so so so cute with them ohh well im
still sleepy lol.... now even Halley has her away message
on :( oh well at least i know that i get to go eat in a few
minets happy and were haveing chicken encassed in salt with
garilc in it YUMMY! lol i lov chicken and salt and garlick i
think katrina made a good point when she said that i love
things other people hate.