boys and genes
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2003-01-11 18:36:02 (UTC)

First Track Meet

Well, yesterday we had our first track meet, fun fun. I am
a distance runner, but our coach decided to put me in the
4x200, I ran a 33.8. Ummmm, pretty good for a non-sprinter
I guess. The SC boys won the meet, YEAH! This is first
team in the school's history to win an indoor meet!
Amazing and my brother was a part of it, lol. Oh, then I
had to run the Co-Ed 4x200, that was pretty fun, that time
I got a 34.6 though, not as good, and I ran against guys
that were really fast. Ha ha, it was funny, but Greasy
Weasly was in it, that idiot! I hate him so much, lol.
Then, after the meet the was over we rode back on the bus
and got more kids to join the CHU, a secret club that me
and brenda started. Try to figure out what it means. When
we got back to the school 16 of us decided to go to
Denny's. It was 7 of us in my brother's Bronco that can
hold 5. So, 4 of us were in the back and 3 were in the
front, it was fun, lol. When, we got there the guy that
could hardly speak any english got all pissed because he
said that he called all of us 5 times. So, we had to wait
some more. After, 35 minutes we said screw this and we
went over to taco bell. There, we had 7 people to order
for so it took us 15 minutes to say everything that we
wanted. The lady that was working got pissesd because we
were all laughing and she was getting really ignornat. Ha
ha, that was fun too. So, after we ate in the car for 15
minutes, 2 people left so there were 5 people there. My
bro got out and went over to talk to one of his friends,
but before he left he put down the windows so we were
freezing, and he had the keys. Well, at 12:15 Brenda and
Jill left, so it was me and brandon, we talked for awhile
and then my brother came back over and we dropped brandon
off and we went home. Then, we had to watch the video of
ourselves running. So, tomorrow my parents want me to run
a 3-mile race, that should be fun, lol. It is gonna be
hard as shit, but oh well, it is better than having a
workout with my dad. Well, I g2g, luv ya~ Kristin

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