kippers journal
2003-01-11 17:03:58 (UTC)

january 11,2003

i hant wrote in a while cause shit is goin on 1st) my
friend jess's bf isnt talkin 2 her and we cant find him we
just found out that yesterday he was ova our friends
house !!! anyway i am hot goin 2 camp i wnat 2 2 c all my
peepz up there but in a way i need money so i can work this
weekend i an tryin 2 call bev's sn so that we can talk 2
each otha up there any way othat then that bev and her bf
at back 2 gether !! that is really good !! i have nothing
really to say i dont think i like **** any more which is
really sad :( or i like him and jon !!!! wat am i gonna
do ??

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