Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-09 21:33:21 (UTC)

I gotta crush !

Hey everone !
Whats up ?! notta lot here ! I am listening to Mandy Moore
Crush ! Ooo I gotta a crush I gotta crush I gotta crush on
you ! hehe ! wow ! WAY to much sugar ! ! ! LOL ! Guess
what I found out today ! Laurence is dating my friend
Morgans best friend Jessa ! OUCH ! That hurts ! hehe ! Wow
I am so hyper ! OK adam isn't on and I need to talk to
him ! And you know what ?! My friend likes the guy I
like ! GRR that means it will be hard to keep likeing
them ! Cause when ever I like a guy someone else likes them
too and I feel bad for likeing the guy ! its retarded I
know ! haha ! I gotta go cause I have youth group !
Luv ya lots

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