Deep Inner Thoughts of a Genious
2001-02-15 03:39:09 (UTC)

Feb 14 2001 today is valentines..

Feb 14 2001

today is valentines day..i bought christie a dozen roses
and had them sent to her on sunday while she was at work..i
dont think she really liked them..then again..i dont think
she really likes me....but that is nothing BNL
had a half Hollie and Christie met kyle and i at
McDonalds in mitchell, so we sat there for a while and we
ended up skipping school and we drove around bedford for a
while..although it is low key and all.i still had an
incredible time with i always do..and today, now
more than ever, i found myself sitting there and wondering
how lucky i is a great feeling....not a worry in
the world....a couple of things did happen today that i
noticed....i guess it is some sort of custom that when the
clock has all the digits read the same such as; 2:22 and
3:33 you are supposed to make a wish..anyways....2:22 came
around at the McDonalds parking lot and i found myself
wishing these petty little things for the entire
minute...and the same when 3:33 came around....and they
were all pathetically about a loser i i taking this too serious?i dont know...i
wish i knew...but i guess i dont....hollie johnson informed
me that the reason that christie doesnt want to commit is
the fear of having somethign badly done to her, such that
as what hollie johnson has had done to her...but again..i
respect that...which doesnt mean that i totally understand
it or like it...but what she wants she gets......and that
is the way it is an honor to be her
friend......she is the way..i gave blood and
i feel like crap...and almost passed out on the way to meet
christie...which probably waws because i got nervous or
somethign immature like that....

well i am outta here.....

will be back

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