The void
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2003-01-11 15:39:18 (UTC)

Confused day

I just woke's umm...3:17pm. man, i'm so fucking
lazy! well i suppose it may be due to the fact that i was
on the phone to the boyfriend for about 4 hours last night
(until 4 am anyway.) i was thinking about clearing out my room and
altar.and re-arranging it all. i could do with a change,
maybe it'll help to clear out my mind too.might burn some
insence and a few candles.maybe make scared space. hmm..yer.
woaaahhh smokers cough! ouch!
ahem anyway. i really do have to stop eating chicken super
noodles for breakfast. it isn't doing me any good.
mind you, nothing i eat is good for me. i live on fatty greasy fry
jesus christ i'm going to throw myself into a fit if i
don't stop getting porn mail!and it's not like any of it is
even worth looking at! it's so fake! and if any of those
wome are reading this..stay away from the implants they
make your boobs look like someone has come up to you with
two silocone implants and gone *smack* "there ya go". like two
bloody ROCKS!
i need some music. comtemplating listening to the unusual
talents of mr brian warner (marilyn manson for those anti-
manson types out there)but i'm in a more shall we say,
tranquil mood. so i think it'll be incubus that occupies my