Just Peach-o
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2003-01-11 15:30:16 (UTC)

Christmas, contacts, feet

well ok i forgot to tell you about Christmas and lots of
other things.. Christmas was great, went to grandma and
grandpa's... got an awesome coat that i've wanted for a
long time... i also got contacts on like te thursday before
Christmas. they don't hurt, and i dn't even feel them at
all. ok but about feet. brock biehl told me he really
likes my feet. he talks about them all the time. he's
obsessed. last night he wasked me if i'd ever kissed a guy.
i said no and did an icq frown thing and asked had he ever
kissed a girl. he said yeah and that he was surprised i had
never been kissed. i said you are? he said yeah and i said
why? and he said well you're not ugly and then liek he was
surprised no guy had ever kissed me. i said oh thank you
for those kind words 'you're not ugly' touching... and he
said well, you're an attractive girl cassie.
everything just liek totally slowed down right then and i
was very flattered. no guy has ever said that so plainly.
except for like drake at camp, but we won't talk about him.
he's younger than me. and then brock said that he
could 'organize my first kiss' i wasn't quite sure of that
and honestly i don't want brock biehl to be my first kiss.
i don't think... so i said 'do i want my first kiss
organized?' and i forget what he said. but he want to kiss
my feet when he gives me the massage he said he was going
to give me... i hate massages. but whatever. then i said i
might get more excited for a kiss on the nose (we had
discussed noses earlier and i told him i thought they were
sexy) and he said he would do both... i went to bed later
then and i was so happy that i flopped into bed and
imagined about kising brock biehl and i was almost asleep
when i remember my contacts. so i got up and took them