Just Peach-o
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2003-01-11 15:18:57 (UTC)


my best friend ditched me for this girl named corbin.
kristin told me that she'd been thinking about dithcing me
for five years. FIVE YEARS. that's since 2nd grade. know
what happened in 2nd grade? i stopped going to flaget. does
that give you any idea of how SELFISH this girl is? how
SPOILED she is? it isn't fair. everyone has a best friend
but me. everyone has just a friend but me. i have not a
single friend. i mean i have accuaintances who i can
sometimes count on to be able to sit by at sunday school
and youth, but that's it. it isn't fair at all. and what
kind of a name is CORBIN??? gosh that's like a crackhead
boys' name. i know i sound terrible, but how would you feel
if you'd been led on for 5 years THINKING you had a best
friend when really you had nothing? THINKING you knew who
your 'best friend' was when really she was not the sweet,
innocent, Christian girl that you always figured, but
really she's a malicious, spoiled, godless heathenish girl
who doesn't even plan to save her virginity for marriage. i
never knew anything about htis girl. or at least i didn't
know anything about her after FIRST GRADE. my gosh what
kind of a friend was she anyway? i'll tell you, she was NOT
A FRIEND. it isn't fair. and then of course clay, whom i
have liked since 2001 convention, cares not for me as a
lover, but for this girl named JORDAN. what kind of a
girls' name is JORDAN? it's a boys' name. but of course,
what's in a name? well i'll tell you what's in a name:
ALOT! but no one really cares what CASSIE thinks when
there's always CORBIN and JORDAN and all those other people
who's ideas are more valuable.... but this is the end of
another episode of calamity cassie... come back next friday
for more self pity about not having anything to do on a
friday night...