Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-11 14:35:06 (UTC)

starting to feel better

Well, at least I got a full night sleep. Bad news came in
email today. My ex is droping off stuff at my parents
house today because he has to come back into town. I feel
sorry for my parents having to deal with him. He should
come to my place and deal with me, not them. I know I
bitch and complain about them, but they shouldn't have to
deal with that asshole. Oh well, life goes on. Damn, I've
been using that fucking phrase since I was like 4 years
old. And in reality it really doesn't really.

Well, yesterday while I was out, UPS tried to deliver my
info on Las Vegas, so I should get it on Monday. And the
rest of my delivery from Amazon should be arriving today.

Let's see, I guess I'm just killing time, hoping for
something wonderful to happen. I applied to a job in N.O.
and I'm still looking for a job in Vegas. Oh well.

Off to check on some other job websites for hotel jobs.