One hell of a life
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2003-01-11 10:53:47 (UTC)

1-11-03 entry twenty eight

Great day today....Shaun and Melody broke up
Well apparently all the P.O.S guuys suddenly hate her
now...and her and Astrid followed them home...okay, feel
kinda sorry for Melo, but that is GREAT news.
Anyway...he'll probably get another girlfriend in like
three days. And Melody got off with Steff...Lohrmann. As
in, Lois's dream hunk.

So today...I took the dog out. How interesting, huh. Nah
cause I'm in love with our new compound, I went and walked
around for like an hour with the dog, checking out all the
houses and gardens...there are some real nice ones! My fav
is this massive one with a pool and palm trees, and then
there's this other one which has real nice stone paths and
steps and a little bridge leading over to the front door.

But whatever. Like gardens are interesting to anyone.

Today is Saturday...hmm...what am I going to do...I guess
I'll watch Maid in Manhattan. Dunno if its good or what...

I'm friggin excited, I got like F.R.I.E.N.D's series eight.
So now all I need is series seven....even though I've seen
it all. I've got series five, six and eight and i just
gotta wait for nine - plus I'm getting seven but here I go
again, being all boring and talking about nothing of
particular interest or importance.

Although F.R.I.E.N.D's is really interesting...

Zander is in Shanghai. He went to school on Tuesday, when
noone was at school. Ahh, idiot, that means we didnt get to
see him. I've forgotten what he looks like...i think he was

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