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2001-09-09 20:42:57 (UTC)

Friday Night

Possibly one of the best days of my life so far. Some
things were missing, but they were filled in with great
things. Mattie, me, cait, sam, and mere all went to the fb
game together. It was us vs. morton and it was actually a
REALLY good game. They played well, but we faught even
harder and we won 21-20 in the end. It was beautiful. I
swear the whole entire town was there cheering them on and
it showed. The band was all hyped up and playing, and
everyone was screaming. Nick played so well, and I was
cheering for him even when he was just practice kicking. It
was so funny. I'm such a dork! Me and meredith were singing
songs and dancing with all the bandos, along with eric
jansen and decker. It was the funniest sight ever! Dustin
and Meredith were fighting over the football- lol- the
cheerleaders were throwing them to the cheer section and
Meredith was pounding on Dustin for it, and in the process
she was smacking me! I have bruises galore!

Oops! g2g i'll be back to finish up after I get back from
babysitting with mattie! Cya!

K- back. I AM SOOOOO HYPER!!! i always am tho- hehe- Back to
football~ I swear I am a bando at heart. I love music and being a
part of the action. Its crazy, but I know what i mean, I am such a
musical person, and I am definately gunna have to do band next year!
haha- anyways- I feel so good, when I look good, and I figured out
thats why I cared so much. But now i realize, that I always feel good
when I am around friends and poeple who love me no matter what. I
really felt that at the game, and it was beautiful. I saw mike
libotte and Toe at the game. I love those boys! They are so sweet to
me. And toe is pretty nice lookin- hehe- he asked me to HC and he
says he likes me, but we're just good friends now. Anything can
happen during football season though! I tell yah. So- remember that
if u want it- baby i've got it!- haha (joke) But seriously, football
season is ANYONES best chance to get me. lol- i get so into it and
become so alive. lol. The best play EVER happened at the game. The
other team kicked it and one of our guys caught it and chucked it
over to the other side of the feild- there was no1 down there cept
for the corner player, and we all kno he's not the best catcher ever,
but he jumped sideways into the air, and caught the ball as he landed
on the ground, right over the touchdown line! YAY! i was seriously
shitting my pants--lol-- and After the great win, me and Mattie went
to where the football players come out and we both jumped on top of
Nick and were screaming at him- it was the awesomest thing ever.
There was so much happiness crammed into one stadium. That and so
much more... mattie and grant are going to HC...crazy stuff. I know
years from now, i will look back and remember these football days.
And I will cry happy tears, as I smile and laugh, and remember how it
all was so great. ~smile~ Tonight Mattie and I made 23 dollars just
for babysitting for 2 hours! I won't even need to get a job if i keep
this up! haha- Dustin just left here... I dont think i
feel the same that he does. Everything is semi confusing in the "guy"
world for me. There are so many, afew that I could get, and even
fewer that I would want... But which one is the right one? My choice:
just not get attached until i feel its right. I WILL know, and I
think i already know what is right... it just needs to be. Yup yup.
Well- today has
been just great remembering how awesome this weekend actually was.
Yesterday I woke up early at merediths and we watched cartoons. After
I left there, I went shopping with my mom and sisters in Bloomington.
I got so much cool stuff! YAY! Then, me, my sisters, and my mom all
went over to my aunt Carols house. My aunt mary and my two baby
cousins Peirce and Collin were there. I was soooo fun. We went to the
park and watched people playing soccer and then we came back to her
house for an Avantis feast! Sooo full! We watched Chitty Chitty Bang
Bang and Where the Red Fern Grows- goooood movies, and then we left.
It was so much fun. The whole weekend has been so fun. Its just the
time of year, the great people, and the awesome atmosphere. KEEP IT

The Hyper Chica Liz!

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