Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-01-11 07:24:53 (UTC)

A Beautiful Vision

Well, nuthing really new to report, as of yet... Same-o,
same-o, in my book, really... I finished Starcraft about a
week ago, and then took it off the computer, but then my
son said..."Dada...can you play Starcraft... I really like
it when you play Starcraft..." So, that being said, I put
it back on, and also took the time to download and install
the update patch that I didn't have to begin with...and,
needless to say, I just about blew the entire day, playing
Starcraft straight through, using cheat codes of course,
just to please my son (or his imagination, I should

Saw a brief blurb about 'Amazon' women on History channel,
which my wife was viewing, and thought it amazing, because,
about a week ago, I checked a whole heck of a lot of books
out of the library about "Cosmic Duality", "Story of
Jesus", "Man and his Symbols", "Alternative
Computing", "Book of Philosophy", and one more that I can't
remember... Did I get to read any of them? I quickly
flipped through most of them, but not all of them, and they
are all due next Tuesday, so, hopefully, I can get around
to reading through them before then.

We were sent a little fold-out through the mail by our
church about the new Mystery that the Pope introduced into
the Rosary, and I finally got to read it, and was delighted
and overjoyed (about it).

Work, is back into full swing, as we do the day-night, day-
night gig, all over leave you lean and ragged,
tired and twisted, brazen and broken... I've still got
plans to move on, and hopefully, it will come into fruition
shortly, but, but...

Okay, enough about work, I don't think that I will talk
about work be obssessed about something so
little in my life, would be stupid (stoopid), so... well,
okay, just a few short blurbs then, ..."Work is stupid...
it sucks... and I hate it." There, finally got it off my
chest! You know the saying, "I'd rather be fishing."
or "I'd rather be golfing." ...Hell, if I practiced it to
begin with, "I'd rather be smoking carcinogens!" and "I'd
rather be drinking carbonated hemlock!" I'd be yelling,
like it was some monstrous tyrannical beast holding a
bullwhip in its hands, to eat turd, and die! Take that,
work, you SOB...