Things to know
2003-01-11 07:07:38 (UTC)

Another lonely night Man those suck.

Another lonely night. What i would do on a friday night to
be loved by someone. This weekend doesnt seem like it will
be any good, so i dont know what will end up here in the
diary. I really need to be with someone. half a year single
is way too long, makes me feel like nobody likes me, or im
unlikable. I really need someone to talk to right now, but
everyone is out or at home asleep, both sound good right
now. I really miss being with someone and knowing how they
feel and crazy stuff like that. I dont know why i worry
about stuff like this but i do, its weird. Maybe sometime
soon i will get together with someone, but for some reason
i cant get close to anyone cause im scared to get hurt. I
dont think ill get hurt, but i dont think this person likes
me as much as i like them. I wish this person would tell me
how they felt about anything happening between us and how
they feel about just being friends, or just anything. This
person is hella cool i could really talk to this person
about anything, but i dont think they like hearing about my
silly life or anything that goes on in it. I feel like im
going no where fast, thats weird. I hoping this person will
read this entry and then write everything they feel in
theirs, because i really need to know. i wish we could have
go out this weekend or something. i love spending time with
this person, but I always feel like an outkast. I really
like her and want to be with her, but I know she needs more
time but i feel weird giving people time because look what
happened last time i gave a person time to make up their
mind, they took too long and now look whats going on. I
just hope this is what i should be doing. I dont want to
feel like im making a mistake. Well im done writing.
Hopefully someone will write for once and ill know whats
going on and ill be back to write how i feel....