I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-01-11 05:51:34 (UTC)

I'm Sorry You're Sick

To Chris and Mackenzie. :( Sadness.

In November, I gave blood because I wanted to know my
blood type. Well, it's taken them a loooong time to get
back to me, but it turns out I'm O . Oh, and bonus! My
cholesterol level is 114 which is VERY good incase you
were wondering.

So I didn't get the manager position. *sigh* It's amazing
how shittily this company treats their employees, and
their customers for that matter, yet people still come
back for more. Instead of rewarding someone who was
already with the company, they hired some new person who
they have to train and babysit, etc. But that's life. I
love the people I work with and wouldn't trade that for

We're having a potluck next Friday (and all of you are
invited) and I'm really looking forward to it. It should
be a really nice time with great people in an environment
where we don't have to censor ourselves. I think it's
really going to be great.