Step inside the mind of a maniac
2001-09-09 19:15:07 (UTC)

A REAL PROPER ENTRY!!!! *shock horror*

Well okay, this is my first actual diary entry of stuff
thats happened lately
well okay, basically my life revolves quiet a bit around
the net, cause basically pretty much bugger all happens to
me in real life, there its a pretty much normal existence.

Anyway, like i explained in an earlier entry, i recent
times, monday the 3rd to be precise, i got myself a net gf,
who i've known for quite a while. Now to explain for those
a little curious, or like me just downright nosy, i met her
through this place, and just to clarify with
people, i was not actually using this for the stupid match
maker thingy, or just another one of those weirdo old 50
year old guys who are looking for people to cyber with, who
everyone seems to think i am ( side note, one of those
people contacted me wednesday, trust me, when you do talk
to one, it is very and i mean very creepy ) , i just use it
cause what better way to find people to talk to , cause i
do not trust chat rooms, and well , with the amount of time
i spend on the net sometimes, i need people to talk to etc.

Okay another litle side track, but for anyone i talk to, or
anyone in general , when you talk to people on the net,
please try not to do one word, or non answers like k, or
ic , or one of those smiley faces, cause it makes it really
hard to talk to you.

But anyways, back to the main thing, now anyways, i've
known this person for over 2 months, and well, before all
this happened we were both like really good friends, which
i always find is a good plus, cause then you know you get
along really well anyway, so theres always some sort of
conversation there. I know this cause my first net
girlfriend, i'd known her over a year, but we never really
talked or anything, and then all this mess of crap happened
all at once and then, well there was no real conversation
there, and well that and a few other reasons, which i wont
go into cause it would be better if you didnt find out how
my entire rambles go on and on and on and on *15 minutes
later* and on.

Anyway, i stressed about this whole problem for a while,
and ended up telling her through an email , which aint the
best way, but there was problems getting in contact, and
well, thats all over now, and a little bit of nastiness
there, but thats just how these things go.

Finally erm, well, i've completely lost the point of this
somewhere, but basically, things with my first net gf, and
things i hope continue to go as well with my current one

In real life news, went to a job fair, got pissed off cause
you have to be sixteen years old and have this national
insurance card thingy, which i dont even know what it is.
So anyways, after work experience in january i'll hopefully
get a proper job, and then get more spending money for my
trek across mainland europe next year ^_^.

So todays advice, friends are great, but if you decide
they're more than friends, do something about it, cause if
you dont you might end up regretting it. Any good
friendship will survive something like this, even if you
get turned down.

Okay so there you go, a little insight into me and my life,
and some free advice thrown in too, i'll try and keep that
advice thing in , but i might not always have some for you^^

goodbye and god speed for now