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2003-01-11 02:02:29 (UTC)

Dreams come true - rain is my revenge

Well today I watched later the movie of Ring Master. It was
not good because it was continue without explain of first
I watched on city that rain is my revenge. Proud people
think they are the best. And they do not respect people and
try to harash and sometimes to beat. But when it rains it
wet them and show they are nothing but people under rain.
And they become wet and their clothes too. They become more
ungly. But the guilt is their. They did not go to school.
And now have to work and walk under rain. Tv set says when
it rains. If they studied instead of skiping school. They
could choice to not go to work when it will rain.
I am always the warrior and I did not walk backwards. I
saw a girl that could be studying more. I said her she could
make some contest for city work. Her husband a hippie that
was selling dolphin teeth colars wanted to know. He ran
when he knew it was about study for job. And tried to show
himself angry. It did not work to me. I think his wife could
be better studying and trying a work on city house. Instead
of selling dolphin teeth to his husband. Hippies no more.
Those people were some crazy people that skiped school and
now are selling colars in uptown. They are dressed like
hippie but they are not. I am more hippie than their. I can
walk by myself and go where I wanted and sometimes I sell
my art. It printed of course. My art remains with me in a
vectorial software. I only sell the copies printed in
special papers. I do not sell dolphin teeth like those crazy
people. Well he deserved the lesson. And she could think
better about why skiped school. And why she is selling anti
natural things in uptown boulevard.
I think it is some thing about drugs. When that poison does
not go out of blood. People thinks what they are doing now
is good. And people that is near of them is good. My revenge
was the rain. After it I showed the good path. The neo
hippie just tried to sell his image like a bandit not a
hippie. I sold the better image to his wife and he did not
get show it better. The rain was my revenge and made those
proud people to cry under their own misery.
My president will crush misery and starving using culture too.
Better day for me and all heros world around and warrior
deserve better battles.