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2001-09-09 18:26:06 (UTC)


Insanely miserable and glad I can complain to computer
about it. Cannot breathe through nose. Had to leave in
middle of mass as snot was running down my face and had no
kleenex. Rushed to church restroom and proceeded to use
toilet paper to rid face of nasty snot. Then went to
subway. Didn't eat because wasn't very hungry, too many
english muffins for breaakfast. Then another trip to Kmart
to buy me decongestant because I can not breathe. sigh.
Work called and needs me to come in, but rally not feeling
up to it so declined the offer. Since declined offer to
work, mum will now refuse to let me see boyfriend as I am
too "sick". I am now eating chips and dip, and have
finished a container of yogurt. I've eaten way too much
today and feel nasty. hhhmmm.... think will go to bed now,
and fall asleep on matress, because still have not put
sheets on my bed. Also have not started homework. Poor me.
Blah. Do not want to wake up at 5:30 in the morning for
marching band tomorrow..... phone is ringing!... please be
drew, please be drew..... darn, it is for ten year old
sister. I need...a good movie and a warm drew to watch it
with, but i'm thinking not today.:(

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