willow da kat

willows diary
2001-09-09 18:25:04 (UTC)

im so sleepy

its been a long long week and a longer weekend! i started
school on the 5th i had very little clue were i was going
and ended up getting lost quite a few times. they gave us
enuf home work to kill most people in this world! i finaly
finished it all. then i stared teaching sunday school today.
and guess who i have in my class......... u guessed it its
Jessy my pervertid little friend or fiend. last year he use
to run arownd and slap every one on the ass lol even old
people. and when he attacks its very very not fun he also
jumps on like every one. god i dont know any other 5 year
old who has the much energy and can speak fluent french!

well later my aunt mon is soposta come over (as if) maybe
well get to see her boy friend for once (he already hates
dads at the office playing with his ibook im getting an
ibook soon!!!!!!!!!! like for christmas yayayayayayay and
the best part is that its gona have a internet conection so
i can go online during school! isnt that kewl?
so what if im not getting a cell phone till i go to collage
or the fact that im not getting my car till i graduate its
not like i care!

my dad says hes going to takt away my rings well i guess ill
just pierce my ears again if he does
then i can s