Tye's journal
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2001-09-09 18:08:27 (UTC)

Sept 9/01 (sitting on her bed )

Dear You

Today seems to be a good day. Knowone is home, i am
alone. I tend to get my best thinking done at these times.
Today i am thinking about things that went on yesterday.
Anger at my best friend (Sparks) for breaking our plans
that we had the night before. Sadness that i have drifted
apart from a certain friend (Jason) all because of one
question and one answer. And trying to understand women for
Chris a friend of mine. Why must there be so many questions
in life?
Oh well, now on to my topic.

Well, i am just sitting on my bed writing. I have
picked up a cold which stinkins abit. Another school year
has started and i am in a new school.(rolls her eyes at the
thought) actually it is not that bad. I went in knowing
knowone but i have come out knowing alot of people. I ahve
actaully met a beautiful boy. Well i mean i stared at a
beautiful boy. I have not talked to him yet. Simply because
i don't have a clue what to say to him. I have no reason to
say anything. It sucks! Oh well.
My love life is for the birds i have not dated in over
three months. I am a lonely little girl. But in myself i
have found a kind of peace because i know who i am. I have
found myself where as before i would not knwo what to say
if you had asked me who i really was. (She looks out the
window at the mountains. then down at her keyboard.) Well
all i can say is Life is life and we can either go with it
or fight it. I am choosing to fight it because i dont'
believe half of the crap that the world tells us these
days. As teenagers i mean. About how you have to be a
certain way. Oh hell who cares what they want us to be.
~Be who you are and step on whoever gets in your way~
I am leaving now - Tye

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