Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2001-09-09 17:56:52 (UTC)

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting...

Last night, I experienced a feeling that I have experienced
all too many times: my honor was put to the test. What
made last night any different from any other time that this
has happened, you ask? I'll tell you. Last night, I did
something about it. That's right folks, last night I did
something that every man is constantly looking for a chance
to do; I hoisted my balls into a wheelbarrow and I thrust
myself face-first into a crowd of 20 drunk rednecks who
would have been happier to see me dead, and I did not back
out of it. OK, not EVERY man is looking to do such a
thing. But every man needs to stand up for himself,
whatever the cost, at one point in his life. As a wiser
man (and more fictional man) than myself once said, you
don't know anything about yourself until you get into a
fight. That's right folks, I'm quoting Brad Pitt's
character, Tyler Durden, from the hit movie Fight Club.
And it's all too true. How is one supposed to know what
he's made of until he puts his ass on the line for his
principles? Now, was I stupid in doing what I did? Yes.
Did I have any chance at winning a fight against 20 people
with only 1 other person on my side? No. However, did I
urinate in every soap, shampoo, lotion, and mouthwash
bottle in their bathroom? YES. Dishonorable methods?
Yes. Dishonorable intentions? NO. Goodbye folks, until
next time.