Tye's journal
2001-09-09 17:47:51 (UTC)

Sept 8/01 (My life so far)

Dear You or (whoever will take the time to read this)

My life in it's self seems very small. In reality i am
just a little human among thousands of other people.~
I guess introducing myself would be a good thing.
I am a disbeliever, underachiever who is disconcerted with
the way the world looks.I am disinclined and disinterested
in getting a clear view on life. I am a child in a woman's
body. I am BROKEN HEART RESISTOR. Now if that doesn't tell
you where i am at then nothing will.
I have been told that i have an interesting life.
Inreality i have really had heartship. But to some that
makes for an interesting story. On a lighter note i am 17
years old. The age that older people wish to be but i can't
wait to get out of. I hope that in reading some of what i
have to say you will find either that your not alone or
that i have really crazy ideas and a weird life. (laugh)
To me i am writing about my life and how i feel about
real things that happen. You can choose to like what i have
to say or not. But it is reality for me just the same.
Goodnight sad moon beam. - Tye