2001-09-09 17:43:21 (UTC)

Bits and Pieces

Last night John was absent-mindly stroking the top of my
head as he read his book and I was just starting to doze
off while watching an old Poirot mystery on A&E. Suddenly
he pulled his hand away and slapped at it with his other
hand. Well, this woke me up quickly.
"What was that all about?" I wanted to know.
"There was a spider in your hair!"
"A spider? Are you sure?"
"Just a little brown spider. It's okay, he's dead.
You can go back to sleep now."

Yeah, right. Easy for HIM to say.
Yesterday's mail had the Fall Issue of the Goat Gazette,
the newsletter for Country Threads. Of course, I immediately
sat down and read it thoroughly, cover to cover.
It has essays, recipes, sales and specials, tips, photographs
of dogs and cats and geese and other various
pets/farm animals, and of course information about quilt
patterns and fabric packs.

I became instantly enamored with one called Leap! which, at
23 x 54, is just the right size for a wall hanging above my
sofa. It shows a big, loooooooong, black cat leaping over
pumpkins. The colors are perfect too so, of course, I
ordered the pattern and the fabric kit. It's not like I don't
have enough patterns or enough fabric or even enough
projects to do, for that matter.

It reminds me that it's almost fall even though the weather
feels like summer. I need to dig out the boxes of
my autumn/Halloween decorations and put away the
summer ones. I also have a few penny rugs I want to
finish so I'll see if I can try to schedule that in sometime
this month. The two big items left for September are
Gavin's wisdom teeth extraction next Friday followed
by moving Owen into his dorm room the following
Wednesday. Maybe then things will calm down a bit?
Nah.....don't count on it.