the life of tigger, with pooh, bartman,
2001-09-09 17:01:07 (UTC)

Next Day

mood - energyyyyyyyy
music - feeder - buck rogers

hiiyyaaaa im in a much betetr mood 2day, ive been swimmin
this afternoon with flick and hewr mum and dad and my mum
so im all energised lol!

saw a v.cute lifeguard there but didnt act upon it, im 2
shy 4 that lol but i wish hehehe

didnt think about bartyman atall reeally 2day, 2 busy with
my life and the more importnat things, have decided to do
my first spell (im a newly discovered wicca) in 2 weeks
time on the friday and so will b preparing for that all
week, getting candles, incence, athames etc.

k im gonna go, gotta have my dinner now, might talk more
l8r, byyyeeee

luv, tiggeress :P